The concept of time has always been seen in a positive light. It is often said that time can change people; make them a better version of themselves. But what if the opposite happens? What if instead of moving towards betterment, we start towards a path for the worst. What will happen then? I do not think anybody has an answer to that.

Unfortunately, that is what is happening in the present. A new year was supposed to bring along prosperity, but sadly this time around, it has brought a disease that can very well be the end of half the population of earth.


Yes, I am talking about the brutal COVID-19 that has

  • slowly taken the lives of 233,000 people as of 1st May and can take the lives of many more;
  • caught 3.25 million people in the web of its infection;
  • made the world economy come to a standstill;
  • Locked people in their houses with no means of an income.

Nobody would dare to say that time is precious now, because it isn’t. If there were a time machine with humans, I would have gone back to the time when this infection had first emerged and killed it then and there. But sadly, we don’t have that, and enduring this terrible time is our only option.


The coronavirus can be deadly, at least to the ones with a weaker immune system. But it has been more dangerous to people’s livelihood. The businesses that deal with necessities are the only ones operational in the present times.

Some can work from home, but the majority cannot.

  • How is a construction worker supposed to work from home?
  • How can a jeweler or a gadget dealer make any sales when people do not have enough funds to buy groceries?
  • Would anyone be willing to hire an interior designer for the renovations in their home?

The government is trying its best to help people financially. Aids in the form of food and funds are being given out, but it would never be enough. The state has also asked private companies not to deduct the salaries of their employees. But if the owner is not earning anything for himself, then how is he supposed to pay his workforce.

Consequently, the number of unemployed people, not just in Britain, but all over the world has sky-rocketed. And no power in the world can stop it from climbing because a microscopic virus has brought mankind to its knees.


There has to be a way to keep the family fed until the pandemic is over. Indeed, there has to be a path that will help the common folks to battle against the financial foes and come out alive.

Adopting a few strategies can help you fight this battle a little more efficiently.


Every one of us has some savings with them. These can be small or mammoth-sized. Savings are meant to keep you secure in troublesome times, and there cannot be a time worse than the present. So, break your savings and save yourself now.

Even if you have a fixed deposit, you can ask the bank to let you and your investment free.


A loan may seem like too big of a burden. If it can help you get through the present crisis, what is wrong with them? Although loans for unemployed were introduced way before the pandemic, their real use came to practice in the pandemic.

These have helped thousands of people have enough funds with them so that they do not fall short of the necessities.


The next thing is something I read about in a wartime journal. People were asked to start rationing because the food supplies were low. We are in yet another war, and rationing can help us.

We have a habit of wasting food, and at present, we cannot afford to. Eat only as much as you need, not more, and not less. Saving some groceries for later use is the best option for all of us.


Combating a pandemic is no easy chore. People’s lives have been halted, and so have the livelihoods. It is truly the worst time for humanity. Some say that this happened because the man had become too egotistical, and he had to be brought down a few notches by God himself.

Maybe this is true. However, there is one good thing that has come out of this pandemic. People have started caring for each other. The indifference of the past has been forgotten. Why else would there be very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker, if not to help the needy?

In the end, all I want to say is that only hope and optimism can see us through this time, so you cannot ever lose that.